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This may be rooted in their observance of the Old Testament and Mosaic Law.Deal with the shortage of reasonably affordable housing for many as well as with the proliferation of homelessness in many parts of the country.Conservatives tend to favor harsh punishments, even — maybe even.In the Third World, as part of an international effort we should strive to eliminate the causes of potential internal violence which threaten the peace and security of certain regions.

Ensure freedom of purely private, individual, unscheduled, voluntary prayer in our schools by any child wishing to pray, as long as such prayer did not interfere with the rights of others or cause any unreasonable disruption of school activities.If people are poor, sick and hungry, God wants it that way, so why bother.

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While homeschooling provides a good option for many children and families, an unsupervised program can also isolate the children and create conditions for abuse.Alt-Right ‘America First’ Rallies Move Online After Boston. police said a right-wing activist. to celebrate America’s values and peacefully.

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This doctrine means that we should not plan for waging massive war, nuclear or otherwise.The Religious Right Wing. The History of Family Values. Pro-life people, and others as well, are placing a great emphasis upon the family as a social institution.What a truthful introduction to the American Right Wing this past week has been for any of us who were still unclear as to their priorities and motivations. What’s.

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NEWS WATCH: Rev. Barber Rains Hell On Right Wing Value Voters – ‘Their Values Are Cash, Not Christ’.

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Free Online Library: Keyes "family values": the teenage daughter of a right-wing pundit gets the courage to come out and gets the boot from her parents.(Maya Keyes.What will happen if this or that tax is cut by this or that much.

On Sat, 9 Apr 2016 17:37:55 -0600, Gronk wrote: >Ministry of Vengeance and Vendettas wrote: >> If any of it were true the coward would post using his own identity, not.Generally 1- the U.S right wing wants government's role in the economy to be minimized 2- parts (not all) of the U.S. Right is religious, and wants values and.

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Provide for job training and employment opportunities for all who want to work.

The general consensus among political scientists is that "left wing" includes liberals, progressives, socialists and communists, and the "right wing" includes.Bombshells Incoming: Senate Panel to Release Trump Tower Treason Probe Testimony.What Is Left Or Right Wing. The terms left wing and right wing are based on the seating arrangements in the French National Assembly,. values, and systems.core values of right-wing ideology, namely resistance to change (including traditionalism), and acceptance of inequality (or hierarchy). However, most.What must be done to avoid a right-wing authoritarian future and re-establish the progressive future as defined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

First it was Franco A. Then came a second Bundeswehr officer. The arrests of right-wing terror suspects working in the military raise questions about how attractive.Therefore, we will have to adopt policies to reduce the potential for violent left-wing revolution in developing countries.We Need More Citizenship Dues, a Reversal of Citizens United, and Democracy in the Workplace.

This is a key moral value for the extreme right and it is learned from a strict-father upbringing where severe punishment is applied from an early age to teach their view of right and wrong: You will be punished until you convert or you are disposable.We should aggressively promote democracy and human rights abroad.Right Wing Populism in America Too Close for Comfort by Chip Berlet available in Trade Paperback on Powells.com, also read synopsis and reviews. Right-wing militias.Read "Values, Right‐Wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation, and Ambivalent Attitudes Toward Women, Journal of Applied Social Psychology" on DeepDyve.

Why anyone would want anything to do with such a horrible, mean and abusive patriarch of a sky God is beyond me, but to each his or her own.The guarantee of a jury trial in most civil cases (Seventh Amendment).

Left-wing Ideology What are, or should be, the core values of left-wing thought? Equality is often thought to be fundamental,. But if he's right,.

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There are many right-wing politicians who are claiming that America's values are under siege. The correct response is, that depends on what you mean by American values.Every value we have is now in danger and the left has made the media worthless with their. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton is an editor and writer for Right Wing News.Freedom of religion, speech, the press, and assembly (First Amendment).Individualism begins after the roads are built, after individualists have had an education, after medical research has cured their diseases, after the individualists have received from The Public land grants, grazing, water, and mineral leases, oil and agriculture subsidies, after they have received crucial patents.Tradition, institutional religion and privatization of economy were considered the core values of the right-wing. Left Wing vs Right Wing. Related Comparisons.